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a person wearing hat holding water bottle of dog at beach with two dogs.


12 August 2021

A four-legged approach to finding balance.

As people head back into the office and back to real life, defining the balance between both can be a struggle. Working and achieving feels good. It’s what we are hard-wired to do.

Flex our minds, feel accomplished, set our sights on something new—we need to fetch those wins as much as our dogs do. But what happens when a job becomes life and life becomes a whole lot of work? Blur.

And while blurred lines is a great song to dance to, it's not the best approach to self-care. So take a note from your favorite four-legged friend and navigate life with balance, adding in equal parts rest and play.
In a world full of to-do lists and tennis balls, there is no shortage of distractions to keep us moving on that grind. And when our personal and professional goals hang in the balance, our need for rest is easy to ignore. Dogs live by different rules. They lean into every head scratch, nap under the warm sun at least once a day, and never stress about slowing down to enjoy the moment. 

Whether it's recovery or relaxation, rest is a necessary part of your well-being. Whatever your definition is, indulge in it often, and never ever feel guilty for napping during the day.
Adulthood is great. And also totally mundane if you don't infuse a little play. So go outside. Roll around in the grass. Hit the trail with your best fur friend. And don't forget to hydrate. Because play is pure fun. A way to get you out of your head and into the moment. It will leave you lighter, more fulfilled and closer to your dog (who will definitely embrace play every day). 

Creating some separation between work, rest and play can be challenging. It takes time and intention to balance all three. But if you need a sherpa, let your dog be your guide. 

And don't forget to put in the work, rest when you need it and make space for unadulterated play.