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13 February 2023

Valentine’s Day is dedicated to showing your love for that special someone in your life...

Valentine’s Day is dedicated to showing your love for that special someone in your life. For some people that means showering their significant other with chocolates and flowers, but here at Springer, we think it means giving your dog some extra treats (sans chocolates) and belly rubs. To celebrate with your four-legged sweetheart, we rounded up some of the best Valentine’s Day gifts that your dog will love. Read on to see our picks!

Springer Classic Dog Travel Bottle

Your dog is guaranteed to feel lots of love after a long walk or day at the park. Keeping them hydrated is a must, and we think our new limited-edition pink travel bottle is perfect in the spirit of Valentine’s Day.

Ware of the Dog Heart Cardigan

This adorable cardigan from Ware of the Dog is designed with two red hearts on the sides — a nice touch for the holiday without looking overly festive. It’s made entirely out of merino wool to keep your dog warm through the rest of winter. (And if this doesn’t peak your interest, we have a whole roundup of other dog sweaters and jackets we love.)

Scout’s Honour Lover Not a Biter Badge

This sweet iron-on patch with an even sweeter message comes from the woman-owned small business Scout’s Honour. Add it to your pup’s bandana or blanket (and maybe grab a second so you can match). 

Polkadog Alaskan Salmon Chips

Our pups love these treats from Polkadog, and we’re positive yours will too. We suggest going with their salmon chips because they’re good for both your dog and the environment: they’re sustainably harvested, wild caught, and high in omegas. 

Waggo Ripple Ceramic Dog Treat Jar

Keep all your dog’s treats nice and fresh by stashing them in an air-tight jar. This pink ceramic one from Waggo is cute enough to leave out on the counter — just be sure it’s out of reach from your pup.

Kibble and Bone The Poppy Pet Bowl

We love these chic-looking pet bowls from Kibble and Bone. They’re dishwasher and food safe, handmade in Los Angeles, and a pound of dog food gets donated to the nonprofit Wags & Walks with every purchase.

How did you show your pet some love this Valentine’s Day? Let us know on Instagram & tag us @springerpets!