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16 October 2023

At Springer, we take immense pride in our commitment to delivering quality and innova...

At Springer, we take immense pride in our commitment to delivering quality and innovative products for pets and their favorite humans. This time, we collaboration with the incredibly talented artist, Lyndsie Harris, the creative force behind Ceramic Saguaro! Together, we created a limited edition treat jar designed to hold treats, chews, and small bits for your pup. To gain insight into Lyndsie's world of ceramics and the inspiration behind this collaboration, we sat down for an exclusive Q&A.

Background and Inspiration:

Q: Where are you based? 

Lyndsie: I'm based in Ojai, California!

Q: Do you have a dog? If so, tell us about them.

Lyndsie: I don't have a dog that currently lives with me, but my childhood dog is still alive, and when I go to Texas to visit my parents, I give him all the lovins. His name is PooPoo (Pooder, Poody, PoodyDoo). He's a 14-year-old Miniature Pinscher, and he has my whole heart.

Q: Can you tell us a bit about your artistic journey? How did you first become interested in ceramics, and what got you into it?

Lyndsie: I've been into arts and crafts my whole life. I always knew I wanted to be some kind of artist but didn't figure out what I was good at for a long time. I always tried drawing and painting like my mom, who is a great artist, but I never felt a connection with it. It wasn't until I got a job at a little pottery painting studio that it kind of clicked. After a year working there, I got a job at a real pottery studio, managing a big fancy studio at 23 years old wasn't easy, but it taught me a lot about the business, and I was learning from some of the best ceramic artists. I didn't really start trying to make a business out of my work until I moved to Ojai in 2020 and realized that I should take advantage of living in a community that values handmade work. Moving here allowed me to blossom into my now signature rainbow funky fun style that I'm known for in ways I never knew possible, and I'm grateful every day to have found my niche.

Clay as a Medium:

Q: Ceramics offer a unique tactile experience. What draws you to working with clay, and how do you find that it enhances your ability to express your artistic vision?

Lyndsie: Clay fascinated me from the start. There are just so many endless options in shape, color, functionality, the list goes on. As a person that has never really been financially wealthy, I've always loved the idea of a piece of art that not only you can look at and enjoy but also use for a purpose in your home. Especially the mug. Mugs are so important to me. When people tell me they use one of my mugs every morning and it brings them joy at the very start of the day, that is the absolute best. What keeps me going is adding more color into an otherwise sometimes scary or serious world. It acts as a break from all of that. It is what keeps me going!

Inspiration from Nostalgia:

Q: Many of your pieces seem to be inspired by nature's forms and textures. Can you delve into how the natural world influences your creations and how you translate those organic elements into your work?

Lyndsie: I wouldn't actually say that my work is necessarily inspired by nature. I think a lot of my work is inspired by nostalgia. As a kid born in the mid-90s, I try to bring back a lot of those bright colors that I remember from my childhood. Whether it be from toys I played with, cartoons I watched, tween magazines with photos of my dream tween bedrooms that I never got to have. My work really relies on bringing back the small joys of childhood and making adults now remember that joy too.

Creative Process:

Q: Walk us through your creative process. How do you typically approach new projects? Do you have any rituals or techniques that help you get into the creative zone?

Lyndsie: The creative process for me starts on the wheel. Every once in a while, I'll sketch things beforehand, but most of the time, it starts on the wheel. I'm really motivated by music, so 100% of the time, I have my headphones on or the speaker blasting. I love to start big projects with a nice clean studio and usually a candle burning. It's hard to say what I do exactly because it kind of just comes naturally now. I prepare my clay, hop on the wheel, and go.

The Springer Collaboration:

Q: When approached by Springer to work on the Treat Jar, what excited you or inspired you?

Lyndsie: When I met Shannon (CEO + Founder of Springer) she mentioned something about a collaboration, it was an instant yes yes yes! I love animals so much; they really are the most pure beings on planet earth. Not to mention everything about the brand aligning with things that I also care about like sustainability, happy colors, uplifting women-owned businesses and artists, all of the above. Just looking at both brands side by side, you can definitely see something special there. The vibes are just right! I'm honored and utterly stoked to be in collaboration with the cuties at Springer!

Collaborations like this one with Ceramic Saguaro (aka Lyndsie Harris) allow us to bring you, our beloved community (and amazing pet owners!), exclusive, handcrafted products that resonate with the love and care you provide to your dog. Each treat jar from this limited edition is not just a storage piece; it's a work of art that encapsulates the joy and playfulness of your pet's world. Lyndsie's passion for ceramics and her dedication to adding color and happiness to everyday life shines through her creations, making them a perfect addition to your pet's collection.

Discover the beauty and whimsy of Ceramic Saguaro's treat jars, a perfect gift for your pup, and a testament to the love and artistry that goes into each piece. Grab one before they're gone; quantities are VERY limited! Your pet deserves the best, and with Springer and Ceramic Saguaro, you can give them just that.