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19 March 2024

Step into the world of Taylor + Marlin, Friends of Springer and their outdoor adventure...

Step into the world of Taylor + Marlin, Friends of Springer and their outdoor adventures. In this interview, we'll learn about their go-to essentials and the role it plays in their daily lives in sunny Sarasota, Florida. Let's dive in!

Springer: Hi, Taylor and Marlin! Let's start with the basics. Taylor, could you tell us a bit about yourself and your pup?

Taylor: Of course! I'm Taylor, and this here is Marlin, my pup! She's a black lab that loves being outdoors. We live in sunny Florida by the water and we're always on the lookout for quality gear to enhance our outdoor experiences.

Springer: That's fantastic! It sounds like you both lead an active lifestyle. Speaking of gear, you've mentioned trying out several Springer products. Which ones have been your favorites so far?

Taylor: We've tried quite a few, but I have to say, the Walk Bag with Dog Leash is an absolute game-changer for us. It's perfect for our ball games at the park, and the dirty ball compartment keeps everything else clean. It's genius!

Springer: It's great to hear that the Walk Bag has been such a hit! Where do you and Marlin usually bring your Springer gear?

Taylor: We take our Springer gear everywhere! Whether it's a leisurely stroll in the park or our personal favorite - a day out on the boat, our Springer products are always by our side.

Springer: Wonderful! We're thrilled to hear that Springer products are a part of your adventures. Taylor, you mentioned loving the Springer green color. Any particular reason why?

Taylor: Honestly, I just love how vibrant and eye-catching it is. Plus, it looks great on Marlin! 

Springer: Marlin must look great in Springer green! Now, if you and Marlin had to choose just one Springer product to be stranded on an island with, which one would it be?

Taylor: Definitely the Growler! It ensures we'll have more than enough water to stay hydrated during our island escapades.

Springer: Smart choice! Hydration is key, especially in adventurous situations. How do you typically use your Springer products?

Taylor: We primarily use them during our boat trips and long car rides. The Growler Travel Water Bottle and Walk Bag are especially handy during those times.

Springer: It sounds like Springer products are essential for your outdoor excursions. Lastly, what would you like to see from Springer in the future?

Taylor: Marlin tends to pull a lot, so a harness would be fantastic. Also, a flip water bottle with a larger bowl attached would be perfect for my big girl!

And there you have it! Taylor and Marlin's Springer experience is a testament to the brand's commitment to enhancing the bond between humans and their dogs through innovative products. More to come! If you would like to be featured, email with the subject 'Friends of Springer' to submit your story.