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07 December 2023

Winter is here, and as pet parents, we know that our pups are just as eager to explore ...

Winter is here, and as pet parents, we know that our pups are just as eager to explore the snowy landscapes as we are! At Springer, we understand the importance of keeping your dog happy, healthy, and safe during winter walks. In this guide, we'll help you navigate the ultimate winter dog walk system, featuring essential Springer products designed to enhance your cold weather walks.

1. Hands-Free Dog Leash:

Winter walks can be chilly, and having your hands free is a game-changer. The Springer Sling Bag with Dog Leash allows you to keep your pup close while maintaining control, all while keeping your hands snug in your pockets. Designed to hold all your essentials, including your phone, cards, and keys, as well as your dog's things. With a built-in poop bag dispenser and a mesh pocket for treats, you can easily access everything you need to keep your pup happy and healthy on the go. The included 4ft dog leash attaches directly to the bag, allowing your dog to roam by your side while you keep your hands free.

2. Springer Dog Travel Water Bottle:

Hydration is key, even in the cold. Our Springer Dog Travel Water Bottle is an ideal solution for providing your dog with a quick drink on the go. Designed for your dog to drink fresh water from the attached bowl without wasting a drop. Simply squeeze the bottle with one hand to fill the bowl and release to drain the excess water back in. Keep your pup refreshed and ready for more winter exploration.

3. Waterproof Dog Collar:

Having a waterproof collar for your dog in winter is crucial to ensure their comfort and well-being. Our durable, waterproof, and comfortable dog collar serves as a daily accessory, and during the winter months, it protects your pup from rain, snow, and sleet. A waterproof dog collar not only prevents discomfort caused by a wet and soggy collar but also helps maintain the collar's durability, ensuring it stays functional in all weather conditions. Additionally, it minimizes the risk of skin irritation and keeps your dog's neck dry, contributing to their overall warmth and happiness during chilly outdoor excursions.

4. Cozy Up With a Hoodie for Warmth: 

A winter hoodie isn't just a practical choice for staying warm during dog walks in the cold—it's an addition to layer for your winter wardrobe. Designed for comfort, a cozy hoodie adds flair to your cold weather outings while ensuring you stay toasty as you stroll with your pup. Our heavyweight unisex Springer 'Like a Human' Hoodie is made with cloud-soft fleece inside, designed with a front pocket pouch for extra comfort (and hand warmth)!

5. Share With Your Pup

Brave the chill! Springer's Dog & Me Insulated Water Bottle, a versatile stainless steel companion for both you and your dog during cold weather adventures. Its high-quality construction ensures lasting durability, while the removable silicone boot transforms into a convenient water bowl for your pup. With top-notch insulation, this bottle keeps your drinks cold for hours, making it the perfect on-the-go solution for staying hydrated during winter hikes, camping trips, or leisurely walks.

As you gear up for winter walks with your pup, make sure you're prepared with the essential tools for a safe, enjoyable, and unforgettable winter. Embrace the cold with confidence, knowing that Springer has you covered every step of the way. Happy trails ahead!